From Chapter Two of Buried Light

Elenia gushed, “Sofía, you need to know that your work is of crucial importance to us. In fact, it may be the most important event of my life. If you can prove that the stones are ancient, it will vindicate my father’s and my life’s work. If not… but of course you mustn’t…”

Padre Anselmo stepped forward and interrupted her.

“I hope you don’t mind that I came over today. This is important to all of us. Poor, sweet Elenia, your loyalty to your father is touching. However, you must give up this wild goose chase and get a life.”

Turning to Sofía, he added, “If you’ve done your homework, you’ll know that a local farmer, Ishmael Negromonte, has admitted that he etched the stones himself. And that a Spanish investigator, Vicente Paris, declared after four years of investigation using microphotographs that the stones are a hoax. Indeed, every serious archaeologist and scientist has declared that these stones are fakes. Why, common sense alone tells us that it’s absurd to think that dinosaurs and humans lived together.”

“The good padre is a dear friend of ours… has been for decades,” Elenia countered. “But he definitely has his opinions; some would say that he’s rigid. The fact is that we believe that there around 50,000 of these stones here and with collectors around the world. How could one peasant, even with help, have carved them all? And how would he know to depict images that are so far from his world?”

And the arguments go on through most of the story.

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