Buried Light by Diane Davalos Beale

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When scientist Sofía Cabeza de Vaca is invited to travel from Spain to Peru to test the authenticity of the enigmatic images on the Ica Stones, she is reluctant. She is quite ill and also strongly suspects the stones are a hoax. But she had lost everything: her career, her reputation, and her self-esteem, due to the betrayal of her lover and her colleagues. So, in hopes of redemption, she proceeds.

From the day of her arrival a dark force known as the Black Hand threatens to destroy her. But she carries on, aided by Rogelio, son of the stones’ collector. When it’s discovered that Rogelio can read ancient hieroglyphics, their quest becomes more urgent… and more deadly.

Will Sofía and Rogelio be left to die in forbidden tunnels? Who are the skull-shrinking Wari Indians? The Illuminati? What’s the Law of One? What’s the story behind the myths of Inner World civilizations, white powder, and the Hall of Records? Will 21st century humanity survive? Or will the Black Hand win their deadly game?


Raj Haroon, Lemuria 


The harmonious and complex songs of doves and nightingales gently broke Pleija’s dreams. In that semi-somnolent state where insights often graced her consciousness, she sensed that today would be a special day indeed. 

A rare black mamo bird flew by her window and as she looked out to admire him she noticed that both moons were still out, but it was starting to get light. 

Shala ‘am, Play zshah. “Good morning, Pleija.” The words drifted behind her. 

She looked over to see her beloved mate smiling at her. Shala ‘am, wale iho, “Good morning, soul of my love,” she said softly. Even after nearly 200 years together the sight of Zamayo made her a bit dizzy. He was nearly eight feet tall, had the muscular physique, and the wisdom and kindness of Muras, his forefather and the founder of Lemuria. He was every cubit priest and spiritual warrior, beautiful in body, mind and soul. She kissed him on the back of his head and he began caressing her. 

“Oh dear. How could I have forgotten?” she said suddenly. “This is the solstice. The sun is almost up. I must begin my prayers and prepare for the children’s initiation.” 

“Stay,” he urged. He kissed her neck, knowing that usually was enough to make her forget everything else. 

“No, really, I have to go,” she said, pulling her hips away from him.

Reviews of Buried Light

This book might change how you understand the world we live in.

“I loved this book! Buried Light is part adventure story, part romance, part mystical journey and part a chronicle of “secrets revealed. Much like Dan Brown, Diane Davalos Beale entertains us with an intriguing story that keeps you turning pages hoping the book never ends while at the same time sharing valuable “hidden” information that just might change how we perceive this world we live in. During these turbulent times when it’s easy to feel discouraged and hopeless, “Buried Light” does not shy away from shining light into the darker aspects of what is happening in our world while at the same time leaving us feeling optimistic and hopeful about our future.” Rudite Jaunarajs

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Get Buried Light by Diane Davalos Beale on Amazon Kindle